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December 10th, 2012
Michelle Kwan:

Michelle Kwan, bureaucrat : Skating champ now has State Department job

Guess what?  Michelle Kwan has become a bureaucrat.

About a year and a half after moving to D.C., the former Olympian is launched on a career track, with a new job this fall at the State Department. Official title: Senior adviser for public diplomacy and public affairs.

“People say it’s a 180 for me,” Kwan said. “But I traveled the world representing the U.S. for years.”

It’s a role she’s been transitioning into. While winding down her career as the nation’s most decorated figure skater, Kwan pursued a graduate degree at Tufts’ Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. In 2007, the State Department tapped her star-power by naming her a public-diplomacy envoy; other unpaid but high-profile roles followed with State’s council to promote women’s sports worldwide and the White House advisory panel on fitness.

If we're gonna get a figure skater to represent us politically over seas - can we get Tonya Harding instead?  She would be way more intimidating to foreign ambassadors and bureaucrats.  

-W&J's Producer

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