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April 22nd, 2010
You're Not Gay Enough

You may be unaware of the Gay Softball World Series...but it does exsist, as a part of the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance...or NAGAAA.

Anyhoo, back in 2008 the softerer Softball World Series disqualified a team called D2 for the tournament. Why you might be burning to to know?  Because officials with the NAGAAA learned D2 had three BISEXUAL players on its roster...can we say FOUL??  According to the 'Alliance'  they were NOT GAY ENOUGH. 

The Alliance brandishes a rule stating that no team can have more than two heterosexual players. In their world it's all or nohting, so they were deemed TOO STRAIGHT to play. 

Of course, the men have filed a discrimination lawsuit against NAGAAA, asking for $75,000 apiece for emotional distress and they're also asking NAGAAA to get rid of the rule limiting the number of straight players each team can have. 
According to their attorney, a woman named Melanie Rowen, quote, "This case is just about treating everybody in the community equally . . . and not interrogating folks about whether they're gay enough to play." 

(Seattle Times)



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