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December 8th, 2012

Greetings, Houston 10%ers!

Wouldn't it be great if W&J had a Houston affiliate?

 Well.....now we do.  Stay tuned for more details.

 W&J return to radio April 30th, 2013 on KPRC 950AM



Macco - 2016-04-08
At last! Someone who unsrsetandd! Thanks for posting!
by Macco

Prudy - 2016-04-08
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by Prudy

Satch - 2016-03-23
Do you have more great artielcs like this one?
by Satch

Addrienne - 2016-03-22
I was drawn by the hotesny of what you write
by Addrienne

Heo - 2015-10-13
I just found out that you are back playing the music you can still enjoy lisinetng to and go away singing to. I am like others and wish you were on seven days a week. I listened to you when there was KQUE. there was also a morning DJ that was real good. I had the honor and pleasure of dancing at your club many times. Also the honor of meeting you when you brought John Gary to town. Now that I know you are back I will be lisinetng again. I was excited when I did the search while lisinetng to John Gary and found you again.Rita Dupree
by Heo

Indian Sub-smoking - 2014-02-26
Too much curry in the rice
by John

Glad to have you back in Houston - 2014-01-11
Long time listener here! I knew I liked your show but did not realize how much until you left your former station. Contacted them to share my disappointment. Since getting your show back for the morning drive I kill many less people as listening to your show has a soothing effect of me. DISCLAIMER: OK any liberals stalking these posts, that was a harmless joke-no progressives were harmed during my posting. Again, Christmas was just a tad better as we were able to listen to the holiday hotline.
by Marne Jameson

- 2013-07-18
Glad to know that I can now listen to THE BEST SHOW EVER on non-stop on my drives from Houma "The Land of the Big Breasted Women" to Houston!
by Marc

10% subscription - 2013-06-16
Used to be a 10% subscription customer because I wanted to support the show directly. However, customer service sucked when it came to recording quality issues. Had major issue with no replies from anyone in the show when I would take the time to type out the problems that I was having. Finally canceled. Love the show though.
by Brady

Podcast available - 2013-06-16
I have been listening for years using the Bayou 95.7 android app out of New Orleans. They have the podcast with no commercials also.
by Brady

Glm - 2013-06-06
Just want to say that I no longer listen to your old station since they let you go! Glad to see you are finally back
by GLM

Mr Smith - 2013-05-16
by B.J Miller

About time! - 2013-05-01
About time you guys are back in Houston! I am tired of the "high class" douche on the arrow, along with Dean and who the eff cares what the other guys name is. Remember to eat it everyday!
by Blake

Q - 2013-04-18
From Houston but listen to you on WFFX Iheart.com. Good Luck with z rezitance.
by Quentin

Green Beens - 2013-04-17
Green Beens! Missing you down in Houston!
by Chris

Joemama - 2013-04-11
Who ever took you off the radio is a douche bag or douche bags. Get back on the radio please. We need you and your brilliance.

- 2013-04-11
They two guys they have had in your place SUCK! Listen to satellite now!
by John

raqjpzi - 2013-04-05
tjCvEq qkslzddinzxs
by raqjpzi

Texan in Chicago - 2013-04-05
Recently moved to Indiana and work in Chicago due to the Continetal United merger. Lets start an insurgence in the north. Please find a place to spread the word up here.
by Texan

Kacy - 2013-04-04
Your posting is abosultley on the point!
by Kacy

W & J - 2013-04-01
Should be on 106.9 or 107.5
by Jorge

Houston needs you guys back! - 2013-03-29
Get rid of those douche bags Dan and Reg on the Eagle and put in place Mr. Kenneth, Mr. Eaux, Billy Ed and those other two guys.
by Patrick Hill

- 2013-03-27
They need to get rid of either 107.5 or 106 and put in a rock station. Not old or alternative, something that will get your ass motivated to listen to a radio station in Housto, because they all suck

Mr - 2013-03-20
Take over eaglet 106.9. Tired of their BS
by Pat

jame - 2013-03-20
What about beaumont tx. Big dog 106.1

F-it - 2013-03-18
Get your own station and email when you do!! :) I guess online will have to do until then! And I was SO ready to go to Collectors Firearms too!! :)
by Megan

Come back!!! - 2013-03-11
My morning drive is so boring without you! I really want you guys to come back! I normally hated talk radio, but you guys were the best and the only I would listen too.
by Chanaan

What now - 2013-03-02
Come back to Houston
by Patti

- 2013-03-01
Whichever one has the ballz to have you

Houston morning radio sucks! - 2013-02-28
Please come back to Houston. The morning radio sucks around here. The clown that took over your time slot is not working.! I think one person had it right. Buy your own radio station or offer shares to the public. But please come back to houston and keep us updated!
by cisco kid

- 2013-02-28
i think KKWJ is in order in houston. why wouldnt the premier independent radio show, whos hosts live in houston, not start their own radio station. im no fool i know the start up costs would be immeense, but your show is the only reason i even turned on my radio. now i burn up my data plan just to stream yall every day. please come back
by jason martin

- 2013-02-28
ANY Houston radio station! I really love my W&J, and get tired of the New Orleans commercials. Pleeze come back!
by Doris Edwards ( Red)

A radio revolution - 2013-02-22
AM 740, please.
by Lynn

- 2013-02-22
what about 107.5
by jessica

Big mistake clear channel ! - 2013-02-21
I have satelite radio and the only reason I even listened to ARROW was b/c of W & J. No reason to listen to local Houston stations now...unless they come back. Please come back - AM or FM - either one is fine.
by GC

- 2013-02-20
My drive to work officially sucks!! Any radio station that will air you guys is fine! I would even listen t oCountry and Western if that was the only option!!
by Michele

It just figures ! - 2013-02-19
Control the media and you control the people ... Keep fighting !
by Wolverine

Listener owned radio - 2013-02-19
You guys are killing me with data overage charges. You really need to get back into the Houston market. Last week you mentioned that one thing you had considered is buying a station in Houston. The only thing holding you up is financing the endeavor. Consider one-upping "listener supported" by going LISTENER OWNED. Go public with the W&J franchise. Start with one station and grow from there. I will buy a few a shares.
by Shannon DeWolfe

crowbar - 2013-02-18
Tell (By Tony) to remove the object from you know where and STRAIGHTEN up. W&J was the best thing to happen to Houston. You may feel a little uneasy about the subject matter, BUT if made you think about the truth of the matter.
by Jim

a thought - 2013-02-14
I saw every radio station in Houston submits to your vast knowledge of everything that is not right for this country.
by Ozzy

Life is Sweeter - 2013-02-13
Now that your show is gone from the airways, morning radio just got a whole lot more pleasant... and smarter without your racist and homophobic remarks (yes, I know that you pretend to be a gay man and a black man) and your paranoid delusions. Enjoy life elsewhere.
by Tony

- 2013-02-13
enough is enough! get back to houston ASAP! my morning drive sucks bad without you guys!
by CJ

- 2013-02-12
This has been going on to long! Get on something near Houston or see if Radio Havana wants a english morning show
by RJH

Not worth the driving in the morning - 2013-02-12
You guys made my drive all worth while i the morning. I have actually sat in my car in the parking garage late to a meeting to keep listening.
by Dale Jones

Miss you - 2013-02-11
Been getting mighty dull around here without you on the air. Something is definitely missing. We need to petition the main FM stations and will. Hurry back.
by Gary

Aarow - No more - 2013-02-11
I will no longer be listening to you joke of a morning show. My morning commute just turned to s#it. Thanks a lot CC.
by chris

Bent arrow - 2013-02-07
Listen up arrow! The only reason u are even on the map in Houston is because of Walton and Johnson! We followed them here when u signed them up and now u do this. I hope everyone in H-town removes u from their pre-sets as I have. I predict a very bad 2013 for u. You will be mexican by oct!
by PetethePlumber

Liberal BS - 2013-02-07
Just more BS from the left! I will NOT listen to the Arrow anymore! Just let people know where you land.
by David

Men From Mars? - 2013-02-04
First time we heard you --- we thought Mars (?) had finally invaded Earth. Now --- we miss your little green antennas.
by Sam's Landing

- 2013-02-04
AM-700. Is that not where Dr. Savage is headed...?
by Danny

AM - 2013-02-02
A strong AM station and get on the "iheartradio" app. Also, check with DirecTV and Dish network. They have "music channels" and could use a talk radio one.
by Sugar Land

Thanks for getting up early for 30 years! - 2013-02-01
This from Magnolia TX. Thanks for keeping up the great show. And special thanks for Bayou 95.7 - listening to you every day through the app for this station! Love it!
by Angel Collins

Pandora station or talk radio - 2013-01-31
Any way to do a Pandora station? If not then talk radio
by Poor Knight

Just come back! - 2013-01-31
We miss some sanity on the FM side of the dial.
by Dudette

whatsit - 2013-01-31
Come back to Houston! Anywhere! ASAP
by whatsit

Houstonians - 2013-01-30
I am listening from the Bayou 95.7 app;yet, when I am driving to class in the morning it cuts out. Is there any AM station we can pick up with these lovely gents on it?
by Jake B

still waiting - 2013-01-30
Im still waiting for you guys to get back on the air in Houston. Any station will do, just so I can listen during my commute!!! At work I listen to you guys on KJCE out of Austin
by paul

W. T. F. - 2013-01-29
Has everyone in the Houston area lost what little piece of their brain was functioning properly?? Please, please come back to mornings. I miss you, and need your morning truths to get me going. God Bless America and those who fight for her!!
by Lisa

- 2013-01-29
The federal rules that changed radio years ago have made a few people rich at the expense of the public access to good radio. We need you back. We need to write our representatives and change this.
by Dave

NEED A FIX - 2013-01-29
How about 101 KLOL. do you speak spanish? maybe one day Houston will have a real rock station
by Ta'o

come back - 2013-01-28
It makes a hard morning to be without you guys. Please come back to Houston soon.
by Olhorn

- 2013-01-28
Want to find you guys. The see affiliated map had no link
by Sheri

Lostonthehighway - 2013-01-26
This really blows. I enjoyed the banter very much. It smells a lot like censorship to me. For that reason I will not put my e-mail address on here. Feds may come knocking.
by The Beeg

- 2013-01-25
I miss waking up with you each weekday morning, and having you in the car.
by ShaSha

Bring it back home... - 2013-01-25
Miss you guys and I was wondering what happened... I "un-friended" 93.7 on FB when I figgured out that they droped you. cannot get live stream in car but I get to laugh while shooting coffee out my nose when I get to work. Miss you guys real bad... and the coffee stains on the car windshield. Thanks for all you do...
by Mike

KTRH - NewsRadio 740 KTRH - 2013-01-25
This is a right-thinking radio station. Perfect for the elite 10% !
by Mark Mina

Delirium Tremens - 2013-01-23
Come On! Hurry back to Houston airwaves; the a.m. radio selection is pathetic.
by Matt

1/22/2013 - 2013-01-22
AM or FM We want you back on the airwaves. My morning commute has me listening to XM radio now. The music is ok but my morning is not the same without you guys.
by A.J.

Clute Commuter - 2013-01-22
Please find a radio station with a strong enought signal that I can listen in the mornings on my Clear Lake to Clute commute. Miss you guys entertaining me in the morning.
by By MH

- 2013-01-22
If I wanted to hear music, I would listen to a CD. 93.7 sounds like it is run by Democrats, And we all know Democrats do not like discussion.
by Dave

- 2013-01-21
pirate radio houston. i second the idea of a boat and some strong broadcasting equipment. boats come with hoes!
by 10%

houston has a problem - 2013-01-21
No more arrow in my truck anymore.Music sucks anyway.Get on the 106.9 the signal is strong.Are they clear channel also? Hurry we need you back somewhere . Signed R .C .
by Robert C.

Any channel - 2013-01-21
Any channel would be fine with me.
by jm

- 2013-01-21
Sure miss you guys in the am. Any station in Houston would be fine with me.
by Bob Troyer

htow - 2013-01-21
Yes, any station works. just get back on asap. driving through houston traffic every morning without yall is painful. need the jokes to wake me up in the morn.
by lr

Get back!!! - 2013-01-20
Hurry and get back, need info on what the "KING" Obama is planning next!!!!
by robert

93.7 DELETED - 2013-01-18
They were taken off the air by our Communist government. We will all be lucky to have a job before he has to leave office in 4 years.
by Jen

Internet Radio - 2013-01-18
I deleted my preset 93.7 from the radio. D&R are boring. I went to internet radio and listen to your New Orleans affiliate.
by Larry

- 2013-01-17
I say you just start your own station, centered all around you guys. If anyone can do it you guys can. But no matter what come back fast.
by Robert Gilman

sad but true - 2013-01-16
You guys were great but yall were to into political bull crap.Yall bad mouth bush then obama.I like the show when yall stayed off politics
by robert

- 2013-01-16
Any station with STRONG signal
by joe

Copperfield Contingent - 2013-01-16
106.9 would be a good signal, and getting rid of those d&R assclowns would improve the air quality around here. Bye Bye 93.7
by Clint

Chris the Obama hater - 2013-01-16
I hate not being able to listen to u guys 106.9 eagle has good signal in houston just come back dont let the communist dictator rule houston
by Chris heins

Come Back ASAP - 2013-01-15
I have deleted that station from my radio channel list even though I have 12 stations I can plug in. Will never turn the dial back there unless you show back up there. XM/Sirius or GB Radio would be awesome. Have the stations on XM/Sirius are worth listening to anyway. For now I will be listen on line.
by Ryalled Up

- 2013-01-15
Go back on AM I would rather here you all than the music.
by J. Sweitzer

- 2013-01-15
97.9 The Box......Please!!!
by Bob

01.11.13 - 2013-01-11
Any station with a good, strong signal....even satellite(Sirius)...just hurry!! We miss you guys!!!
by Jennifer

- 2013-01-11
Any area radio station. Houston needs the "radio gods" !!!
by Chris

not at Ft.Hood any more - 2013-01-11
as of 1st of the year you have off the air @ Ft. Hood!! ans that sucks big time
by frank

KODA!! - 2013-01-10
I say get on KODA just to show them the contrast in ratings! I would love to get my hate on in the elevator!
by KennyKenKen

not suprised - 2013-01-09
LIBERALS Run the media. Miss you guys. No more 93.7 for me ever. Good luck. Thanks for all my smiles.
by craig

FBHO - 2013-01-07
Is there anyone that Obama did not screw?
by RC

I need real american values in the morning - 2013-01-05
I dont care what station you go to, just hurry and get back on the air. Every day that passes i feel dumber. God Bless America!
by Ben Karalles

- 2013-01-04
We need W&J. Be strong and have faith, something better will come along
by Angelle jeansonne

Educational Plus - 2013-01-02
Miss you guys keeping informed and entertained. Where are you on i-heart radio?
by Jason

1-2-2013 - 2013-01-02
Start the new year on any Houston station (AM or FM) with a decent signal. Both 93.7 and 103.7 fm signals were weak and crappy in Cypress. Just get back soon, as I will slit my wrist having to listen to another birthday scam
by David

I Love W&J - 2013-01-01
I will never listen to 93.7 again! Please come back soon.Anne Coulter is off too. Also Fox news is no longer on Sirius. So sad this communistic state of our country.
by Ivy McKinney

- 2012-12-20
All I can say is thank goodness for Podcasts and I Heart Radio! BOOO to the decision, but glad I can still here you!
by Leigh

- 2012-12-19
Nothing to listen to in the a.m.! Clear Channel sucks. I will keep an eye out for you.
by SC

93.7 - 2012-12-19
Bif Fan, love your show. I have deleted 93.7 from my radio, and think you should contact 101.1 as they are a classic rock station also.
by Stephen Stultz

- 2012-12-19
i dont do facebook sorry but do listen
by grego

- 2012-12-18
How about 950 a.m. - get that rude Joe Pags off the radio
by cindy

Go Away 4 ever - 2012-12-17
you suck big time
by not 4 u

comeback soon - 2012-12-16
i need your input
by carol

Sorry to Hear - 2012-12-15
How bout a Walton & Johnson station, 24/7 KWJS (K-Walton Johnson Show), or buy a yacht and some broadcast equipment and start a pirate radio ship.
by Joey Faust

- 2012-12-15
KLOL 101.1 would be great
by Chip

- 2012-12-14
the gawds may have to broadcast from outside occupied america. just barely able to catch yall on 1370 am out of austin
by RJH

Tears - 2012-12-14
No loss
by Amy

OKC - 2012-12-14
Guys, we need you on in Oklahoma City!
by Jon

2012-12-13 - 2012-12-13
Bring back Klol 101.1 that would be a perfect fit
by Chris

Boycott 93.7 - 2012-12-13
Everyone find a different station so we can boycott 93.7! Listeners stop listening and at some point 93.7 will disappear…
by Ed

- 2012-12-13

12-13-2012 - 2012-12-13
I have been so annoyed about this since last week...almost lost :) I too have deleated 93.7 from my preset bc I only listened to them for W&J
by AS Church

No More Arrow for Us - 2012-12-12
Deleted presets for 93.7 at home, cars, mobile and at work. Drive time now sucks without WNJ! Wolverine!!!
by Marne Jameson

Land on the Eagle 107.5 - 2012-12-12
Get rid of Dean and Rog they as funny as watching Obama speak. GAWDS COME BACK!!!
by Bob D.

Carlos - 2012-12-12
I would listen to Walton & Johnson every morning on my way to work. Now the drive is so boring and long! I love classic rock and roll, but will not be listening to this station any longer!
by Carlos Zuniga

bad 93.7 - 2012-12-12
me too.. only listen because of W & J. not going to listen to 93.7 ever again.
by chris

- 2012-12-12
The drive into the city is now torture. The Arrow is deleted. Please pick a station soon.
by Patty

Adios - 2012-12-12
I sent an email to Steve Fixx at 93.7 last Friday morning. It simply said that the only reason I listened to their station was W&J, so adios.
by Jim

go am - 2012-12-12
on am it seemed like your show had more latitude to be yourself.
by john

general lee - 2012-12-11
107.5 just come back soon...yall make my day start out fun111
by T.LEE

10 %er - 2012-12-11
Im outraged at this insult! I will never listen to the arrow again! Would like to see yall bump those 2 hyenas dean and Rog off 107.5
by James

- 2012-12-11
Preferably on AM, I’m not really a fan of classic rock. You guys were the only reason I listened to that station and tortured myself with songs like Cold as Ice…. 93.7 has been removed from my car!!
by Renee

Human - 2012-12-11
I liked you guys on am without the music loop..I have heard that enough for one lifetime...any station in Houston is good for me..I will be looking for you and miss my morning wake up to SRV
by Rick

The Arrow sucks - 2012-12-11
Only reason to listen to the Arrow at all. Preset gone and never going back. Any channel, even AM !!
by Ted

Rude Awakening - 2012-12-11
Getting in the car for an early appointment and not finding you guys sucks! Any station will work
by Marge Let

WTF - 2012-12-11
Now I have to listen to dumb and rog??? OMG Someone please kill me now. And the arrow is dead.
by Adam D.

Bring back WJ to Houston Airwaves - 2012-12-11
I loved it when you guys were on AM talk radio without any music. Any station would suffice. Hell even sat radio would be good
by paul 10%er

new station - 2012-12-11
97.9 the BOX...
by Bo Peep

Danged SHAME! - 2012-12-11
Sorry to hear about this Yall! The Arrow just died in my world - let us know where You 2 land!
by Katfish

why - 2012-12-11
im lost for words i guess take over a mexican station
by grego

- 2012-12-10
Love you and will miss you guys! Come back soon. Btw I am still waiting for Michael Savage to come back. Why are my favorite radio shows disappearing?
by Valerie

Help - 2012-12-10
Broken Arrow. I say again...Broken Arrow!
by gunnCharge!

93.7 SUCKS - 2012-12-10
by Travis

KKRW ratings death watch - 2012-12-10
yeah AM 560 beaumont would be good
by juan oamr trejo

longtime fan - 2012-12-10
I love you guys. You are the only people I know of that have been fired from more places than I have. But no worries I get fired for the same reason. I SAY WHAT I THINK!!! It has also caused me a few devoices. I will listen online until you make it back to my radio. I really miss you on A.M. Then I got my W&J from 0600 to 1200.
by Hughes

What can we do - 2012-12-10
Who do we complain to!! You were the only reason we listened to 93.7
by Tim W

You guys - 2012-12-10
Hey I would have thrown you off a long time ago, yaknow. Everybody knows if you have old people in the house the toilet paper goes over the top, if you got little kids, it goes under the bottom!
by Jimmy

93.7 Sucks - 2012-12-10
93.7 Sucks. Long live Walton and Johnson. True Americans
by Tim

Time for better pastures! - 2012-12-10
The arrow sucks huge gazongas, I hope you guys find a talk radio station. I tune in to listen to you not the music. Please hurry back home, we miss you! Will tune in online till then.
by Fabiola

Facebook Campaign - 2012-12-10
I posted a link to the Chronicle news piece that came out on SATURDAY, along with an e-mail address for Steve Fixx with Clear Channel (stevefixx@clearchannel.com) on my Facebook page. People are really PISSED OFF. 93.7 is now deleted from my pre-set.
by Clara Ferguson

sailor64 - 2012-12-10
You guys should build your own station! That way chicken Shites cant take you off the air! Ever though of a TV show!That would be awesome!!
by CJW

bad deal - 2012-12-10
what are they going to replace you withn pravda ( OBAMA CARE} or animal farm cuban castro rants
by fred ruck

Listen On-line - 2012-12-10
Now, I will just drive like heck to get to work just to listen on-line.
by Old Bevo

- 2012-12-10
I only listened to the Arrow because of you guys. Will not tune in to that station again. Waiting for your return to another station in my area!!
by Donna

Come back to Houston - 2012-12-10
The arrow is now dead to me. Any station will do.
by Mike

2012-12-08 - 2012-12-10
I started listening to you on AM and would easily go back. Just let us know where. We support ya! I have done what a lot of others have done...already removed the Arrow from the preset. Just need to know what station to place in there now!
by Russ Shinert

- 2012-12-10
I figured something was up today when they made no mention of vacation etc... Wellll no need to listen to 93.7 anymore.
by Bob

Bye - 2012-12-10
Good riddance.
by Amy

Only Reason I listened to The Arrow - 2012-12-10
You guys were the only reason I tuned in to 93.7 in Houston. I mean, how many times can you hear the same 30 songs over and over without going insane?
by Dave

No W & J? - 2012-12-10
Like many of the others here, I too have decided to stop listening to 93.7. I will listen to you on the web, but my regular listening will now be Classic Country, 97.1. I will not give the Arrow another listen.
by Raymond

sgt tannert reporting for duty - 2012-12-10
its painfully obvious that the commies are making moves, and we are preparing at the speed of pond water. we must remove our normalcy blindfolds and prepare for the fight. starting with the cowards who made the choice to drop W&J. The BLAZE is hiring. just saying.
by Reagh

W&J. - 2012-12-10
Took off pre-set already. No need. waiting on your further instructions......
by Marc

no reason to listen 93.7 anymore - 2012-12-10
I listen on the net, so I will just pick one of your other stations. I have one thing to tell 93.7, "Ba-Humbug"
by Tobin

Long time "10 percenter" - 2012-12-10
Contacted "The Arrow" to register my frustration with YOUR show being canceled. Like other listeners have commented, you guys are the only reason I listened to "The Arrow" Find a new station and let your listeners know. In the meantime we will have to listen online.
by Al in Cypress

We Will Follow! - 2012-12-10
Wherever you go we will follow! Keep America strong!
by kilroy2009

Arrow suck anyway! - 2012-12-10
Good Bye Arrow - hated that station - only listened because of you guys! 93.7 has been removed from truck, computer and mobile device
by Jim

Any Station in Houston - 2012-12-10
Any station in Houston will work for me.
by Carlos

- 2012-12-10
Any Houston station will work for me. Just keep us posted on where you land. I miss you!
by Sara

The arrow really sucks - 2012-12-10
Reprogramed the Arrow button on all my radios. Hurry back to Houston guys .
by Doug Corbin

Screw the Arrow - 2012-12-10
Loved you guys on the arrow in the mornings, but loved you more when you were less restrained on KLOL. Hope you find a new home on the air in Houston soon guys.
by Jeff

- 2012-12-09
Arrows loss. Which ever station you choose, we will follow!
by Alex

Come back!!! - 2012-12-09
Any radio station is fine!!!
by Debbie

Tobyn - 2012-12-09
What about taking out those screw balls on 94.5

bullsh*t - 2012-12-09
I have been listening to you guys for a long time. and I am fuc*ing pissed they shot yall down. Its time to show the "head of state" what the great state of Texas is all about.
by Kaydee

Houston - 2012-12-09
Damn. Guess the next best option would be to kick those jokers off 106.9/107.5 in the mornings. Sure would help their ratings.
by Bart

Kevin - 2012-12-09
Well all that was talked about is coming true. Enough talk, time for action. Talking just is not getting it done.
by Kevin Rhen

The End is Near - 2012-12-09
CC is going down. Finally the company that ruined the business many of us loved (radio) is being sliced up by vulture capitalist. The murder of The Gawds is just the latest outrage.
by Clark Howard

- 2012-12-09
This is how communism works divide & conquer little here little there we have to push back WOLVERINE!!!! GOD Bless AMERICA
by Brian

- 2012-12-09
clear channel gave in to pressure from FCC that leaves cumulus or satelite I am a loyal 10%er I will listen on line please find a new home with mgmt that has Balls
by Brian

Buy Your Own Station - 2012-12-09
Preferably one with good signal in Tomball.
by Brian

12-8-2012 - 2012-12-08
Your the only reason I listen to the arrow. Will have to bring the phone charger and listen to you on line

BEAUMONT - 2012-12-08
Beaumont many would kill to have the gawds in town. screw Houston we NEED you!
by Christopher

what the crappola - 2012-12-08
yea does seem mighty strange oblama reelected then the radio gods vanish off houston radios hmmmmmmmm poppycock!!
by don keleshian

- 2012-12-08
Turned it on Friday, no Taser report!! Go to 103.7. Ill go. Never again will I listen to 93.7.
by Randy Mac

Miss you! - 2012-12-08
Please find a home in Houston. You made my mornings so much better. Take your pick. There are no good morning shows broadcasting in Houston currently. You are the best!
by Barbara

Now you got something - 2012-12-08
Get the crew from the old KLOL and later 103.7. Walton and Johnson, Wendy, Outlaw Dave, this time put them on a station we can actually pick up..that would be something we could love
by Sandy Lewis

- 2012-12-08
What ever their reason was for kicking you off is BOO BOO!
by Matt

Love the gwads - 2012-12-08
Fulshear loves you guys we will listen wherever. But I agree buy 101 back from Mexicanville and Rock it like no one since Stevens and Pruitt
by David

Outta Here - 2012-12-08
IF W&J are not on the Arrow, then I am no longer listening to the Arrow. There a lot of classic rock stations around here in Houston.
by George

Buy a station - 2012-12-08
You guys should gather some of your 1% buds and buy one if these boring drone boxes in Houston...Then no more seeking WJ
by Rex T

Please Come Home For Chrisas - 2012-12-08
Talk radio station like you were on before the arrow seemed to work better than music stations.1070, 790 ,650, 700,740 950. All of the above would be ok too!
by Charley Maden

- 2012-12-08
88.0 through 180.0 pick one and we WILL be there!!! We love you guys!!!!!
by Lee

- 2012-12-08
Satellite radio is the only outlet large enough to contain the Radio Gawds.
by Ken B

- 2012-12-08
ANY Radio station in Hou is fine..except that crap sta arrow with way to much music esp. during the show!any chance of sirus xm?? be worth every penny since i hve it anyway!!
by bob kovar

dedicated listener - 2012-12-08
bring back rock 101...any radio station you can find and asap
by monika

Following - 2012-12-08
Where you lead, I will follow! I love you guys!
by Karen

- 2012-12-08
Any FM station
by Ty

- 2012-12-08
heck that 560 am out of beaumont has a good signal in houston,not a very good morning show, you would be followed by glenn beck and limbaugh
by dan

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