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April 20th, 2010
Sexual Fantasies

Ladies and gents!  Sure, we all like to act pure and innocent.  But we know our minds are as filthy and perverted as we want them to be . . . at least in your FANTASIES.  And that's okay! 

Actually, it's better than okay.  It's really, really HOT. 

With that in mind, here are nine ways your filthy sexual fantasies can improve your life, according to a website called AlterNet.org:

#1.)  Improving self-esteem:  In reality, you've got flaws and insecurities.  But in your fantasies, you're gorgeous, confident, and an animal in bed. 

#2.)  Increased sexual desire:  Sex is just as much mental as it is physical, and hot sexual fantasies have a way of sparking sexual desire in the real world.

#3.)  Helping with climaxes:  Again, sex is just as much mental as it is physical.  If your real-life sex is less-than-spectacular, a filthy fantasy can only help you reach the Promised Land.

#4.)  Living in the moment:  Most people view fantasies as a temporary escape from reality . . . and they are.  But they can also help you live in the moment by enhancing your passion.

#5.)  Satisfying curiosity:  Fantasies can help you live out things you probably wouldn't ever do . . . or even want to do . . . in reality. 

--For example, you can fantasize about being violated by numerous, anonymous strangers . . . or about being a high-paid call girl . . . even though you'd never actually do it in real life.

#6.)  Rehearsing future possibilities:  We're talking about positions you might like to try, places you might like to do it, and sexual scenarios you might like to play out one day.

#7.)  Relieving stress and tension:  Fantasizing about sex has a way of making everything else in your life just fade away.  Basically, fantasies help you temporarily escape from the stresses and demands of everyday life.

#8.)  Preserving pleasant memories:  Remember that nasty thing your high school boyfriend did to you on prom night, and you LOVED it?  Well, sexual fantasies can help you relive those moments over and over.

#9.)  Coping with the past:  Some victims of sexual abuse have a hard time enjoying sex.  But in their fantasies, they're in control, and they have the power to turn pain, anger and other negative emotions into something positive.



southpark - 2010-04-21
the m word is now taboo this was the only way i could reach you guys maybe more is censored than we all know. ps we are running out of alphabet
by glenn duplessis

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