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April 20th, 2010
All Praise the Plentiful Posterior

There may be a book out there already calling itself the World's Best Bathroom book, but on June 1st, that's all going to change.

It's called "The Big Butt Book", a pictoral celebration of all the glory that lies below a woman's waist.  The author, Dian Hanson described the book as exploring our, quote, "perennial fascination with female booty, from small and taut to large and sumptuous." 





It may be being touted as a coffee table book...but calling it a bathroom read may be more on the money.


Click Here for a Sneek-Peek at the books offerings!



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He just wants to get his piece of the pie with all the perks that come with being the President of the USOFA
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- 2010-04-20
Should be called the best book ever.
by Sean

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