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April 14th, 2010
Rothlisberger Beef Jerky


If you had dreams of sinking your teeth into some champion meat, then you might want to not wait another day!

Big Ben's Beef Jerky (yes, Rothlisberger had his own brand of beef jerky) is being orders off shelves and may never be heard from again.

Production has not only been halted, but all existing product is being DESTROYED!!
Not only did Benny Boy lose his meat and a chunk of dough in one day, he had to meet with NFL Big Daddy Goodell

Ben may have legally been let off the hook, the league might still level some sort of punishment against him.






Me too - 2010-04-15
My dad called me and said I have to hear it!!
by Wendy

Big Ben song - 2010-04-14
Is is possible to get the clip of the Big Ben song played this morning... Ben went down to Georgia?
by Michelle

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