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April 14th, 2010
Britney's Ad for Candies

Britney Spears in full schedule of restoring her image got a little digital assistance from the fine folks at Candies.  Aside from evening out a mottled skin tone, and adding background effects...unsightly whiskey bumps and bruises are gone from her calf.  Taking a look at her thighs, well, who needs a trainer when you have Photoshop? Looking REALLY closely...you can even see her feet have dry skin on them.

The after effect...a slimmed-down waist and flawless, skinny legs, and some "toe" action is smoothed ever so expertly.  How's that for experience on your resume? 

In the second set of shots; from the back - her areas of cellulite on the back of her thighs and her droopy booty are smoothed and lifted.  And when a tramp stamp's gotta go, it's gotta go! 


The after-effect: Photoshop bootcamp!  Britney now appears to have a pert rear, unrealistically smooth skin, slimmer legs and the tattoo has vanished.

Abaracadabra ya'll!





hhmmm - 2010-04-14
I like the original photos best. Of course I like women with something to hang on to.
by kyle

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