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April 13th, 2010
Now Accepting Applications

Do You Want A Summer Job Rubbing Sunscreen On Hot French Chicks?


Do you like to meet lots of interesting people and then feel them up?

Then ready that resume!

This week, officials in a French resort town called Sables-d'Olonne announced they're conducting an online search to find two "creamers."  Job description includes, but is not limited to...rubbing sunscreen on hot French people at the beach. 

Several minor qualifications to keep in mind;


#1.)  Be young and good-looking


#2.)  Have a sense of fun, and the ability to organize beach activities


#3.)  Have at least a little medical knowledge


#4.)  And be able to speak French


The job will run for six weeks, from July 10th through August 22nd.  And it pays $1,150 a week, or about $6,900 overall.


But you better hurry! The deadline to apply is May 26th. 

Applicants are required to submit a resume and a 45-second video explaining why they should get the job. 



(--You can apply for the job at www.lejobdelete.com.  The website's all in French, but since the ability to speak French is a job qualification, that shouldn't be a problem for you . . .) 



lawl - 2010-04-13
Know whats in the water, sweaty french men
by Seth

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