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June 19th, 2012
Fat Naked Lady Crashes Car & Steals Ice Cream

A woman was found naked and eating ice cream inside a drug store after leaving three children alone in a car after a wreck in Houston yesterday.  

Stephanie Dillard has been charged with endangering children, leaving the scene of an accident, public nudity and dumb assery. 

Officials said all of the children suffered some minor injuries. The 5-year-old had a large gash over one eye.

Detectives said that after the wreck, she got out of the car and walked away, leaving her children alone at the scene.

She then went to a nearby CVS store and began taking off her clothes as she ate ice cream.

Investigators said she put up a little bit of a fight when officers tried to arrest her.
"Police said they have not yet figured out what caused Dillard's strange behavior."



I know what it was - 2012-06-19
Bath salts
by Logan a

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