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June 14th, 2012
Two Men Stumble Onto a Woman's Sex Dungeon

There's a woman in Nordmaling, Sweden named Lena.  She's in her 40s, she has a good job, and she's a single mother.  She's also a SERIOUS SEXUAL DEVIANT.

--Apparently, Lena set up her own private S&M DUNGEON in an abandoned military bunker.  And she left her ropes, leather bondage items, pulleys, and love toys inside.

--Well . . . on Friday, two fisherman stumbled onto the bunker, and when they looked inside, they immediately thought it looked like a CRIME SCENE.

--Basically, Lena's gear was SO HARDCORE the fishermen thought the bunker was used for sexual torture.

--So they called the cops.  Lena saw a story about it in the local paper, so this week, she went to the cops to admit it was HER sex dungeon.  She told them, quote, "I just wanted to test my limits" and says she used to take one guy there after dates.

--She's promised to clean up after she uses the bunker for sex in the future.




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