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June 14th, 2012
Dennis Hof Bunny Ranch Getaway




Awesome Care Giver - 2013-05-23
My daddy has been the best. Recently lost my stepmom of 13 yrs. She was diagnosed w cervical cancer and then spread thru entire body. My dad stuck by her side thru it all. She was put in hospice for the last 48 days of life. He was w her every day 6am-10pm, her last breath was a kiss w a pucker on my dads lips, he cried and cried. He deserves a nice getaway, for not only being the greatest father, but the greatest husband.
by Angela Everett

- 2012-06-15
my boss jay just went through a divorce. he has twins with autism and works so hard
by shane

Papa Jeske! - 2012-06-14
My dad, Clint Jeske, has been one of the most influential people in my life. Not only has he raised me to be a strong person, but he has also set a high standard for how I should be treated by others in my life. He coached me and my other friends through soccer, softball, and basketball for LYSA and SLYSI during his spare time from researching at the National Wetlands Research Center. Having him to look up to for all of those years made me respect him so much as a person and so proud that he was my dad. He deserves this trip to relax from all the time he spent has spent on me. Love you Dad!
by Danielle

My dad deserves it !! - 2012-06-14
Guys, I have the best dad in the world. He dreams of going to the bunny ranch for his 62nd birthday. I would love to send him but I cant afford it, he is a loving father and has taken care of me and my older sister since my mother (ex wife that he still takes care of) has multiple scrosis. He is the type of guy to give you his shirt off his back. It would mean so much to us if we could win this for him. He has always been here for us for whatever we are going threw. Please pick Jerry!!
by Amy

pick my dad - 2012-06-14
my dad is a wonderful person he a all around good father and husband he is 54 he has copd and multiple back surgery he is not in good health any more and he need some exitment in his life that will make his heart beat fast
by felder lynn breland

My Dad - 2012-06-14
My Dad doesn’t have cancer or some sob story to make some chick feel bad, but he does love to party. My dad has not been to Vegas in years due to the fact he has four kids. He takes care of us all the time and frankly I think he wants a vacation away from us. He would love to party like a rockstar but I’m only sixteen and I don’t have that kind of money. Frankly I can’t think of someone who deserves this trip more than my dad because he loves to have fun and he is the best dad ever to four kids. Oh and it would be nice to rub it in my sisters and brother’s faces when I give him this amazing gift. Also fun fact he answer any trivia questions you have, believe I should know I’ve ask the most abnormal questions ever and he still gets the answers right. PLEASE PICK MY DAD CHISTOPHER and I can be the best daughter ever.
by Courtney Bruno

A Wonderful husband now a morning widow - 2012-06-14
Hey guys!!!!! First off, love the show and have been a listener for about 10 years…. But, the reason I am writing is I want to nominate my stepdad for the trip. Here is a little history on myself and my family. My name is Melissa, 35 year old mother of two born and raised in Mississippi. My mother divorced from my father when I was very young, of course I was devastated. To make matters worse she began dating a police officer about a year after the divorce. My mom was the most beautiful women I have ever known, and I had no idea why she was dating this short ugly bald dude. Momma told me that he loves me; he truly loves me and will do everything to make sure we have a good life. So I did everything in my 7 year old ability to split them up. Well….. When I was 10 they were married. Oh yeah, I still hated him. Jay Moore, that’s what I call him, and yes I call him by his first and last name. He tried so hard to make peace with me. Looking back I realize what a pain in the ass I was. Well I grew up and matured as the years went by and realized I have the best of both worlds…two dads! Jay Moore loved and cared for my mom more than he valued his life itself. When he looked at her his eyes twinkled, every time he looked at her. They had a great life together. One month after my mom retired from teaching special education for 30 years she was diagnosed with cancer. This was in February 1999. She fought so hard at it. She had chondra sarcoma, which was a tumor growing around her spinal cord. Momma has 7 surgeries the next five years, countless trips to Washington DC for treatment. Due to the nerves damage from the cancer my mother’s right arm was paralyzed and the other on barely worked. Jay Moore stepped up, he learned to roll hair, put on make-up, and does everything my mother couldn’t do for herself. After all of this he still looked at my mom with that twinkle in his eye. On June 27, 2005 momma lost her battle with cancer. She passed away at home with her family by her side. Jay Moore no matter how tired he was loved her, never resented her. I don’t know many men that would do what he did. The beautiful thing is that he still looked at her like she was the most beautiful woman in the world and still does. They were together for 20 years. Jay Moore was lost after my mom died and moved to Wyoming to get his head together. He has since moved back to Mississippi. I love him dearly, he is my DAD! People are not meant to be alone. He has not seen anyone since my mother passed, and frankly, it is WAY passed time for him to get laid. So please pick him, give my dad the gift of sex and a night of pleasure for the years of selflessness he has given to my mom and myself. Make Jay Moore smile! I am not sure if this is how I enter the contest for the Bunny Ranch, but I hope so. I HOPE WE HEAR FROM Y’ALL
by Melissa Myers

Pick My Fiancé - 2012-06-14
Good morning!! I think Claude should be picked because he is a dedicated father and works very hard to support his family! Claude deserves a weekend away for some fun! Please pick Claude!!! Thanks Nancy
by Claude Baye

my paw-in-law is the best - 2012-06-14
he puts everyone ahead of himself. in the last 4 years he has had his prostrate removed and his leg amputated(spell check). i would love nothing more than to think of some hottie ridding his stump(leg). please hook him up he doesnt have much time left.
by charles winney

Brother-n Law - 2012-06-14
Clayton Salbador, great father of 5, 4 of the 5 are quaduplets, The first set of quads ever born in this great state of LA. He has also taken in my self, my unemployed husband and our 4 dogs, now that he has put all 5 kids through LSU, he & tha wife have divorced, So I think he could really use some down time, if ya know what I mean lol, he has vacation time saved,because he has to work so much, please pick Clayton,a well deserving man !!!!! :-)
by Cindy Musso

Mrs - 2012-06-14
My mother threw my dad out for one of his friends he also lost not one but two homes to hurricanes plus him n my step mom are now raising an adopted son who is a adhd child. I really wish this for him cause i know theres been no love life for five yrs.thank you for your consideration.
by Allison bishop

pick my husband - 2012-06-14
I would like to nominate my husband Richard Goff. He is a great father to my two kids and to many manyothers at times .and a good daddy to me and who knows how many other women.
by clair goff

Please Pick My Stepdad - 2012-06-14
My Step Dad Mitch has been the best Father anyone could ask for. Even after my mother cheated on him with one of my friends when i was 17 leading to there divorce he stuck around and raised me and my sister and has always been there for us and could have took of but in his words he wanted to raise his kids. He never had a biological child but he is and will tell anyone he has a son and daughter and is also a proud Grandpa. He has never dated another woman instead he has worked every day to help me and my sister and his granddaughter. This trip would be the best present a step son could EVER give back to a truly loved Dad. It takes a true man to take 2 kids at the age of 4 and 2 and raise them to this day and never have any regrets about it and i know if i can be half the man he is i would be a great father one day when i have my children. He is a truck driver and is gone a lot but makes sure he is home atleast once every 2 weeks to see my niece, his Grandchild and she loves her paw paw. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS MAN. The least i can do to pay him back is to try to win this for him because we would never be able to afford to send him. Thanks. Loyal 10%
by Josh

bunny ranch - 2012-06-14
Well theres nothing wrong with me just go to work every day have gave my family good life. Here is the reason I need go, I have been married for 21 years tapping the same thing over & over & over. Now that should be good enough to win.
by bone

A Good Man! - 2012-06-14
Good morning Guys! I want to nominate my hubby - JD - for the bunny ranch contest. He is a great guy, good husband & father, works hard, loves his family and friends, but truly deserves to have a good time! He doesnt get much time to himself and this would be a good way to reward him for all the good deeds he does. He takes care of our family & we LOVE him! Good Luck honey!
by Marla Sciortino

Pick my Husband!! - 2012-06-14
Good morning Radio Gawds!! My name is Misty and I am nominating my husband Chris for this contest. I have no elaborate story or terrible event to report. I feel my husband is deserving of a Vegas Rock Star weekend for simply taking care of us. (myself, our 8 year old son and 18 year old daughter)He is a hard working man that loves to play harder. PICK CHRIS!!!!!
by Misty Christensen

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