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June 12th, 2012
A Fancy Wedding in England Becomes a Brawl

 We hear about brawls at weddings all the time over here, but usually they're at low-budget affairs.  You don't usually hear about them happening at $60,000 weddings in fancy British castles.

--That's exactly what happened over the weekend.  25-year-old Danny Gutherie is a professional British soccer player, and on Sunday he got married to 23-year-old Rebecca Middleman at the Allerton Castle near Harrogate, England.

--According to reports, even though it was an expensive and upscale wedding, everyone was HAMMERED . . . and as people were sitting down to dinner, a fight broke out.

--How do people fight at a classy wedding?  In this case, it started with them THROWING LOBSTERS at each other . . . then ended when someone PUNCHED the bride in the FACE.

--She was taken to the hospital.  Police came to break things up, although they didn't say if any arrests were made.  Then ended up having to come back two more times when more problems broke out throughout the night.

(Yahoo EuroSport)



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