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June 11th, 2012
Got a birthday coming up?

--According to a fascinating new study of more than two million people by the University of Zurich in Switzerland, you're more likely to die on your birthday . . . or within a few days of it . . . than any other day of the year.

--And the chance goes up the older you get.  By age 60, you're 14% more likely to die on your birthday or a few days around it than any other day.

--The researchers believe that the stress that comes from your birthday is the big reason.  A birthday makes you think about how old you are, that stresses you out . . . and it can actually increase your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

--The study found that men are also more likely to die on their birthdays from accidental deaths . . . and suicides.  The researchers think that could be tied to men being more likely to drink heavily on their birthdays than women.

(Daily Mail)



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