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June 7th, 2012
Here Are the 10 Jobs Most Likely to Make You Chubby

A CareerBuilder study found that if you're overweight, it might be because of your JOB.  Two in five people have gained weight at their current job . . . and one in four have gained more than 10 pounds.  Here are the jobs most likely to cause weight gain:

#1.)  Travel Agent:  It's a sedentary job, which contributes to weight gain . . . although we're not sure there actually ARE travel agents anymore.

#2.)  Attorney or Judge:  It has high levels of stress, which also leads to weight gain.

#3.)  Social Worker

#4.)  Teacher

#5.)  Artist/Designer/Architect

#6.)  Administrative Assistant

#7.)  Physician

#8.)  Protective Services, like police officers or firefighters

#9.)  Marketing and Public Relations

#10.)  Information Technology Professional

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