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May 25th, 2012
Chicks love dogs

There's a new social network for pet owners called Klooff, and they did a survey to find out which dog breeds make you most attractive to the opposite sex.

--Here are the five dogs that make GUYS more attractive to WOMEN:

#1.)  German Shepherds.    

#2.)  Golden Retrievers:  Women are 10 times more likely to see a guy with a golden as "marriage material" than a guy with a pit bull. 

#3.)  Labrador Retrievers.   

#4.)  Siberian Huskies.   

#5.)  French Bulldogs:  Those are the mini-bulldogs with the pointy ears that stick up.  Apparently women see guys with bulldogs or pit bulls as mainly "hook up" material. 

--And here are the five dogs that make WOMEN more attractive to MEN . . . as if they need a dog to do that.  

#1.)  Golden Retrievers:  Guys are more likely to consider a girl with a golden to be "girlfriend material" than one with a Chihuahua.

#2.)  Labrador Retrievers.   

#3.)  Chihuahuas:  Most men think Chihuahua owners are dumb, and are five times more likely to consider them for a one-night stand than a girl who has a Golden Retriever. 

#4.)  Poodles.   

#5.)  Beagles.   




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