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May 18th, 2012
Three Things Guys are Insecure About

Ladies, you aren't the only ones with insecurities about your appearance . . . GUYS have body hang-ups too.  Here's a list of three thing guys are insecure about . . . and some tips on how to get past whatever YOU'RE insecure about.

#1.)  Hair Loss.  Women have bad hair days, but men have to deal with going BALD.  And there's not much guys can do about it that doesn't involve expensive treatments or medical procedures. 

#2.)  Weight and Fitness.  For the most part, guys don't obsess over their bodies as much as women.  But even if a guy isn't overweight, he's probably insecure about SOMETHING on his body, like a beer belly, small arms, or undefined calves.

#3.)  Aging.  Women at least have the luxury of makeup.  And sure, society doesn't place the same emphasis on youthfulness when it comes to men.  But one of the fastest-growing groups of Botox users IS middle-aged businessmen.

Whatever it is you're insecure about, here are three tips to help you get over it . . .

#1.)  Be Honest with Yourself.  Don't overestimate the importance OTHER people put on your appearance.  Let's face it:  They're probably more worried about THEMSELVES.  Just be healthy, and work on what you can change . . . if you want to.   

#2.)  Stop Being Negative.  Try to keep things in perspective, and don't be too hard on yourself.  Maybe you're NOT the best looking person in the room.  But you can still focus on the positive things in your life.

#3.)  Realize That Others May Find Your "Flaws" Attractive.  You may hate your big feet or curvy backside, but other people might not notice or even CARE about the flaws you hate so much.  In fact, they might even LIKE them.




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