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May 18th, 2012
Teacher PSA



I could go on ... - 2013-09-08
Been there. Most of the kids were great--funny, super to be around, and eager to learn--but oy, the parents! I earned every vacation I took, in spades.

professor - 2013-08-15
so true so true+
by Bill

Finally - 2013-07-26
Two problems with USA education. One, all the lead in all the paint in the world has not damaged many kids brains as all their dumb parents. Two, the number one disease in the USA is narcissistic parents producing narcissistic kids.
by Bob C.

- 2013-07-10
LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

- 2013-06-12

$800 a week!? - 2013-05-03
I wish I made enough to stay at the Motel 6! Funny clip!
by Teacher

OMG!!! - 2013-05-02
This had me LOL ing...still laughing! Truth is stranger than fiction,sadly ...Talented Teachers in this film strip!
by MKS9

YEP! - 2013-02-11
Sad but true. I taught for 35 years and loved it, but every day I encountered kids coming from such deficient homes that it was staggering.
by geigo

mrs. - 2012-05-29
No children in school anymore but two teachers who will love this! I hope!
by sue

- 2012-05-27
OMG, this is so funny & true. I hope a lot of parents actually see this!!

So True! - 2012-05-17
I love, love, love this!
by Kat

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