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May 17th, 2012
70% of Women Expect the Truth When They Ask If Their Butt Looks Big?

According to a survey by a British clothing website called Very.co.uk, women want to know the TRUTH when they're trying on clothes.

--82% of women say that when they ask if something makes their butt look big, they want their significant other to be honest.  And 70% think that their man actually WILL answer truthfully.

--But most men KNOW BETTER.  64% of guys admit that they've LIED to their wife when they were asked that question, and, quote, "said the right thing."

--68% of men say that they think telling the truth would make their wife upset . . . and 11% think telling her how she really looks would ruin an entire weekend.

--Of course, women eventually find out how clothes really make them look, and the average woman has $160 worth of clothes in her closet that she's never worn.

 (PR Newswire)



- 2012-05-29
I would never ask my late husband a loaded question like that his humor would kick inand I would get his joking use a mirror
by Pat Leo

Bob - 2012-05-17
What does the dress have to do with it?

Always - 2012-05-17
for the last 15 years of our marriage I have always told my love the truth, she may be upset at the time but she would be more upset if I lied and let her out of the house in something like a hot mess.
by Eric

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