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May 16th, 2012
Five Manscaping Rules, According to Women

A new documentary called "Mansome" comes out in limited release this Friday.  It's by Morgan Spurlock . . . the guy from "Super Size Me" . . . and it's about the rising popularity of "manscaping".

--Here are the five rules they came up with.

#1.)  Shave or Wax Your Back, but Keep It a Secret.  Basically, they want you to do it if you have a lot of back hair.  But they'd rather not know about it.  (--On the other hand, maybe you can bond over it.)

#2.)  Don't Shave Your Chest Hair, but Trim It if It Gets Out of Control.  If you need to clean it up a little bit, use trimmers.  Don't shave everything, and don't get it waxed.

--The only time it's even ACCEPTABLE to shave all your chest hair is if you're in outstanding shape.  Otherwise, leave a little.

#3.)  Never Completely Shave Your Package.  One woman said it best, quote, "It makes me think he's trying too hard, or [he's] a weirdo who loves staring at his naked crotch."

--On the other hand, don't let it get TOO crazy down there.  They say to use scissors or trimmer . . . never wax . . . and be VERY careful.

#4.)  Don't Shave Your Face on Weekends.  If you HATE having facial hair . . . or SHE hates it . . . then by all means shave.  But apparently a lot of women like it when you're scruffy sometimes.

#5.)  Don't Shave Your Arms or Your Legs.  Again, one of the women they talked to nailed this one.  She said, quote, "I would find it very, very odd if a guy waxed his arms and legs and wasn't a cyclist or a swimmer."

--We assume the same thing goes for the hair under your arms.




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