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April 17th, 2012
Taser Report du Jour

 A male porn star who suffered from depression died yesterday, five days after an altercation with police which resulted in him being shot with a Taser gun.

Authorities responded to a suicide attempt in Los Angeles on Sunday and found Marland Anderson, who is also known as Sledge Hammer, with his girlfriend.

The actor had allegedly suffered an anxiety attack and had attempted to self-harm, which led his adult performer girlfriend, Alexa Cruz, to call the police.

According to director Stoney Curtis, Anderson’s close friend of 20 years, the 39-year-old had been dealing with depression, which was exacerbated by his marijuana use.

‘It turned out he genetically had a mild form of schizophrenia, and it wasn’t a problem until he started smoking pot and taking various things for depression,’ Curtis told XBIZ.com. 

But the adult star reacted with such force that he broke the gurney free from a floor lock and broke the handcuff, which led police to Taser him.

He was taken to hospital where Cruz later found out that he had been forcefully subdued.

‘The police didn’t tell me he was in ICU or he’d been tased. I thought he was getting treatment,’ she told XBIZ.com. 

‘I thought he was in the 72-hour hold. When I got to the ICU, I asked multiple nurses and they all said he had been tased, that he was over-tased.’

Anderson fought for his life all week but his mother decided to take him off his respirator on Thursday night after doctors told her he would never come out of the coma.

Curtis said he will launch a full-scale investigation into the incident to get to the bottom of what happened.

'What I would like to see is a separate number called for people with psychiatric issues where the police are not involved, because the police do not know how to handle someone who is having a mental breakdown,' he told XBIZ.com.

'They just break out their clubs and tasers. People shouldn’t be dying just because they are having a mental breakdown.'






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