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April 8th, 2010
Oh, Don't Be Rational

"For the first time in all my years of service to our great nation, and at great peril to my career and future, I am choosing to disobey what I believe are illegal orders...I will disobey my orders to deploy because I and I believe all servicemen and women and the American people deserve the truth about President Obama's constitutional eligibility to the office of the presidency and the commander in chief."

Because of this statement, Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, a flight surgeon with 18 years in the service, has been informally orderd to submit to a brain scan and evaluation.  Because making rational statements are for nutzo cuckoo whackadoo birther types.  Apparently, stopping and asking valid questions is a red-flag of a warpped mind.

Click Here to get your full dose of crazy.

This man maybe initiating his own court martial, but he is standing for what he believes in.  
In all it's whackadoo, cuckoo rationality.



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