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March 29th, 2012
If You Still Don't Think the Media is Skewing Spin




The REAL Issue - 2012-03-30
This is NOT about Trayvon Martin or Kendric McDade!! This is about BLACK opposition to "Stand Your Ground" laws--laws that sharply hinder people from exacting violent crimes on people!!
by Chris Petersen

think this is really Martin? - 2012-03-28
Hers whats Snopes says: http://www.snopes.com/photos/politics/martin.asp
by JSN

Lulac. Mr. Zimmerman - 2012-03-28
Where is Lulac in support for Mr. Zimmerman to protect him from the media and others groups is it they are scared?

where's the outrage? - 2012-03-28
what about the ms state boy gunned down by 3 black men. All probably wearing hoodies truth be known. wheres the media coverage the protests or senate on this????? WHERE ARE YOU MR OBOMA??
by chuck

A real Texan - 2012-03-27
Take a look at what real issues are going on in the Obamanation White House. These types of situations are used as a distraction from the real issues. Like the Supreme Court is looking at Obama care to see if it is just.
by Richard

Typical - 2012-03-27
This is typical. A common thug who has not evolved past the days of the cave man. The thought process of these "gangsters" is that they really want to be killed in "battle". It makes them a martyr in the eyes of their hommies. At least our tax dollars will not be supporting another thug in prison.
by Tim

facts - 2012-03-27
Thanks for reporting the facts on this hot button issue. The main stream media is intent on starting a hate war. This is scary very scary.
by Nick

race wars - 2012-03-27
Because race war increases media attention, violence sells and the "good reversnds" Jesse and Al need something to do. Those hate spewing bastards. They make a living off hate.
by mel

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