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March 12th, 2012
Taser Report du Jour

 Madison County Prosecutor Steve Pronai, however, said police were called on Tuesday of last week, to an apartment on S. Market Street in the Madison County village.


The caller, Michelle Perry, said her son, Jared, refused to go to school.  Not many details of the report are available but an ‘incident involving force’ prompted Officer Scott O'Neil to apparently Taser the 9-year-old boy.


The incident was apparently not made aware to village officials, which prompted a shut-down of the entire force.


Long-embattled Police Chief Mike McCoy has been suspended, and officers that were being used on a part-time basis are no longer working, Council President Lowell Anderson said.


Mayor Charlie Neff said in a prepared statement only that the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has been asked to investigate what happened.


Neff's statement said McCoy was suspended for not informing him of the incident.


With the disbanding of the police force, Madison County Sheriff Jim Sabin said he has been called to temporarily take over patrol of the village. Sabin said Neff has changed the locks at Village Hall and the sheriff has taken the police department's weapons and computers just to secure them, not because they are part of any investigation.





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