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March 6th, 2012
Sandra Fluke is a Lying, Leftist Plant

Here's the real Sandra Fluke

• Fluke is a liar: during her testimony, she claimed that birth control had cost a stunning $3,000 during her three years of law school. Unfortunately, it turns out that Walmart and a nearby Target have offered $9-a-month birth control since 2007. Not to mention the fact that there appear to be four Planned Parenthood offices within walking distance of Georgetown Law School, where they seem to dispense contraceptives like candy.

 • Fluke is a kook: among her prior positions (policy positions, that is...), she argued that insurers be required to cover sex-change surgery and other "transgender services".

• Fluke is a professional abortion rights activist: and that's her own description of herself - "A Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies major at Cornell, [she] is also a past president of Law Students for Reproductive Justice."

No, Fluke is an activist and a plant.





sandra fluke - 2012-03-08
you to are the ones that are liers both of you together wouldnt make one republican ,your lack of facts is par for hate radio im white and your racist rants offend me , both are bought and payed for by the megarich i only can hope that tha real working poeple in your listening area have comon sense to know your the ones trying to keep them down. for the good of this country i hope yall fail
by frank kovac

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