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March 5th, 2012
Taser Report du Jour

A teenager high on mephedrone was Tasered in the testicles after assaulting two police officers.

The 16-year-old also punched another teenager in the face, magistrates in Workington, Cumbria, heard.
His youth worker described how the ‘polite, respectable young man’ completely transformed when he took drugs.

The court heard how the teenager’s parents called police to their home on February 12 this year when he became violent after taking the former legal high mephedrone.

Police officers PC Alison Mason and PC Phil Carter arrested him for a breach of the peace and were forced to restrain him because of his violent behaviour.

He scratched at their faces, the court heard, kicked PC Mason’s arm and struck PC Carter five or six times before he decided to use the Taser.

Defence solicitor John Cooper said the Taser shot the teenager's testicles, because of the position he was in. He ended up in hospital and a metal bar, part of the Taser, was removed from his groin.
He added: ‘He is aware that his actions were scary and this has scared him.
‘My client had quite a lot going on at home including health difficulties with his mother but he realises that he is going to have to start to behave.’

The court also heard how the teenager had assaulted another youth on August 12 last year after a dispute with three others at a bus stop over mephedrone.
He said he was going to fight them. He took a wild swing at one and missed before hitting another one giving him a blood-shot eye.He was treated in hospital.

Mary Claire Telford, project worker for Cumbria Youth Offender service, said the boy was transformed when he took drugs. She said: ‘He has always been a clean, tidy, polite and respectable young man who is a completely different person when he is using substances.’
Presiding magistrate Doug McNicholas ordered him to complete an 18-month rehabilitation order, with 80 hours unpaid work, and a two-year ASBO.

Mr McNicholas said: ‘There will be one requirement to the ASBO and this is that you are not in possession of alcohol in any public place at any time.’

The teenager, who admitted two assault charges, must also pay the officers £50 each in compensation, £50 to the youth and £100 court costs.




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