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February 7th, 2012
When a Gentleman's Game Goes Wild

TARRANT COUNTY - One man was stabbed with a golf club shaft after a brawl broke out when the threesome he was in tried to play through the group in front of them at a course at Eagle Mountain Lake Resort.

Clay Carpenter, 48, of Springtown said he is recovering from a punctured femoral artery and massive blood loss.

Carpenter, who was released from Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital on Sunday, said he might have to have more surgeries and is concerned that he could lose his leg.
The muscles in the lower half of his leg atrophied during his recovery and portions of it have died from the lack of blood flow, he said.

"If it does not regenerate it will be no good to me," Carpenter said.

The Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department has an active criminal investigation in progress, said spokesman Terry Grisham.
During an 11-minute call to 911, a man who identifies himself as a member of the group playing in front of Carpenter tells the dispatcher he doesn't know what happened.
"He fell on a golf club or something," the caller says. "He's passed out once already. We've got his artery clamped with our hand.
"We don't know this guy. They were golfers behind us. He's not in our group."
Another man takes the phone and begs for a helicopter ambulance. "You understand, he has an artery?" he says. "He's about to die."
"It was spurting," he continues. "He was standing up, and we saw this blood coming out of his groin area. It was like a leaky faucet, it was so bad."
The brawl broke out about 3:30 p.m. Jan. 27 at the Golf Club at the Resort on Eagle Mountain Lake.
A foursome was playing the back nine ahead of a threesome, Grisham said, and the three golfers believed the foursome was playing too slow and wanted to play through.
Carpenter said a course marshal instructed the foursome to allow the smaller group of golfers to play through, and that’s when the "gentleman’s game" turned ugly.
As the golfers were fighting, Carpenter said he was on top of another man when he was stabbed with the golf shaft.

Carpenter said the man who stabbed him "was not willing to defuse anything, nor was he willing to accept 'please just let us go on.' "
Carpenter said he believes that the golfer who stabbed him first swung the golf club at his head, but he grabbed it and broke it off at the end.

Grisham would not say if alcohol was involved. Carpenter said the men in his group were not drinking but did not know about the other foursome.
Carpenter said he does not know the name of the man who stabbed him, but expects it will be revealed during the investigation.

"I'll never be able to lift my feet up again," Carpenter said. "I've run full marathons, and I’ll never be a runner again. I’ve lost the ability to properly use my leg. I’ll have to use a brace on this right leg forever."
Officials at the golf course did not return repeated phone calls from the Star-Telegram.





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