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February 6th, 2012
Forbes List of Most Miserable Cities

The list-makers at "Forbes" have come up with another city ranking for us.  This one looks at the most miserable cities in America.



--To measure the misery level of a city, "Forbes" looked at a number of factors, including crime, unemployment, taxes, commute times, and how good the local sports teams are.  Here are the country's five most miserable cities:



#1.)  Miami, Florida:  Miami won thanks to their housing market.  47% of homeowners have underwater mortgages.



#2.)  Detroit, Michigan:  Median home price is $38,000.



#3.)  Flint, Michigan:  They have the third-highest violent crime rate in the U.S.



#4.)  West Palm Beach, Florida:  Their corrupt politicians placed them on the list.



#5.)  Sacramento, California:  The housing market and the NBA's Kings are what got them on the list.




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