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January 31st, 2012
Taser Report Double Dose!

A Marquette Park neighborhood man is expected to appear in court later today after he was accused of wresting a Taser from a Chicago police officer and using it on him Sunday night during a struggle on the city's Southwest Side, police said.
The incident began with officers attempting to interview Dashawn James, 19, because they thought he had violated curfew in the 6500 block of South California Avenue, according to police.

A fight broke out after officers followed James, who fled and became "combative," punching two officers and gaining control of one of their Tasers, according to a police report.

James "deployed" the Taser several times striking an officer’s arm, according to the report. Another officer used his Taser to subdue James, who was arrested at about 10:40 p.m. Sunday.

Neither officer was seriously injured.

James, who lived on California Avenue where the inital stop occurred, was taken to Holy Cross Hospital for observation.

He was charged Monday night with two counts of battery to a police officer, three counts of resisting arrest, one count of disarming a police officer and misdemeanor obstructing identification, police said.

He is expected to appear before a judge later today.




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