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January 17th, 2012
BAMA Fans Do Disgusting Things

NEW ORLEANS -- It's a video that is circulating heavily across the Internet and is stirring outrage from many people, like LSU fan Kayla Nelson.

"(I’m) angry, speechless, disgusted. Something like that shouldn't happen," she said.

The video was allegedly shot after the BCS Championship Game at a fast food restaurant on Bourbon Street.

It appears to show a group of Alabama fans tormenting a passed out LSU fan for several minutes.

You can see numerous people crowding around the victim, as someone sticks fingers into his nose and others dump trash on his head.

But the most disturbing action comes later from one fan, and we decided to carefully edit the video due to the graphic nature of what he does.

The fan pulls out his genitals, climbs on top of the victim and simulates a sex act onto his face.

Monday, East Baton Rouge District Attorney Hillar Moore sounded off on the crime, although it's out of his jurisdiction.

"At the least it's a simple battery - absolutely at the least. They are touching him without his consent,” Moore said. "You know, sexual battery - the touch of another. If this were in Baton Rouge, and I could locate him and find him, I'd try to try him for anything I could try him."

The NOPD confirms it is investigating, but officials say the victim hasn't come forward to press charges.

Moore said that isn't necessary.

“Don't forget, charges are brought in the name of the state and not in the name of the victim. So, if the state wished to proceed on these charges, without his consent, they could," he said.

For now, authorities don't know identities of either the victim or the suspect, but some people hope that will soon change.

"I think he needs to be found and he needs to go to jail or whatever needs to happen with the law. That's just disgusting,” said LSU fan Sean Nelson.

We contacted Assistant Orleans District Attorney Chris Bowman, who said as of early Monday evening, prosecutors in his office had not seen the video.

However, Bowman said they would review the video soon.

Tonight, our viewers sounded off on the situation in large numbers:

Laurie said, "No class. Disgusting."

Kim said, "That was the most disturbing video I have ever seen."

And Terri said, "Please don't associate this with all Alabama fans." She went on to say, "I am as disgusted by this as anyone else."




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