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January 12th, 2012
Taser Report du Jour

Stephen Robinson from Skidmore Avenue, Bradmore, Wolverhampton, went on a fire extinguisher-wielding rampage sparked by an argument over a missing dog. He also threw tire levers and cans of lager during the ugly disturbance attended by more than 30 officers.

 Robinson had been drinking heavily before the incident that spiralled out of control.

 Robinson, an unemployed mechanic had asked an officer to help him find his dog, but the officer had laughed. That’s when “became abusive”

 Robinson returned home to get the dog’s lead and when he came back was confronted by four officers armed with CS gas and batons.

 Robinson armed himself with the extinguisher and activated the foam into the face of a police officer, causing stinging to his eyes and temporary blindness, said prosecutor Mark Phillips.

He told Wolverhampton Crown Court that Robinson then damaged a police car with one of the tyre irons before picking up a can which led officers to believe he had petrol.

Robinson was laughing as he poured the fluid over himself and threatened to set it alight before returning to his home when he was then tasered eight times so he could be restrained and arrested.

Judge John Warner jailed the 36-year-old for 16 months and told him: “Police should not have to put up with this sort of behaviour while they are trying to do their job.”

The father of two admitted responsibility and accepted he “lost control of his anger and his emotions”.




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