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January 11th, 2012
Taser Report du Jour

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Sheriff's deputies deployed Taser guns three times Tuesday afternoon to control a passenger at Sacramento International Airport.

Sacramento County Sheriff Department spokesman Jason Ramos said deputies stepped in when Edwin Barton, 26, attempted to re-enter the secure passenger area and refused to allow TSA officials to examine his baggage.

Barton arrived to Sacramento International on a Southwest flight late Tuesday morning morning. Ramos said he tried to go back into passenger boarding area of Terminal B because he supposedly lost or forgot something.

After an argument started with a TSA agent, a deputy seized Barton, but he was able to get away and started running around the security area, Ramos said.

When Barton was shot with a Taser gun, he began pulling the prongs out, police said. Another deputy responded and also fired his stun gun to bring the suspect under control.

Ramos said Barton, a New Hampshire resident, was taken to a hospital for routine examination.

He is now booked at the Sacramento County Jail on two misdemeanor counts.

Ramos said nobody else was injured and the incident caused only minor delays for outbound passengers going through security.

One TSA agent commented that he hoped the incident would be posted on YouTube because, “It was epic.”




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