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April 5th, 2010
It's a sea of ugly out there

A computer screen was almost hosed in Community this morning when this pic popped up on the screen.   That is one ugly mother of a sea-creature.  Thank god its life is at the bottom of the sea keeping Lindsey Lohan's career company. 

Here's is what 10%er Dale sent the guys this morning:

Apparently this creature came up on some equipment from an offshore
 rig…guess it was 8500 ft under water…looks like an alienJunk Yard Dog,
 have you ever seen one of these puppies when you’re roughing it out there
 in the Gulf?
This is from 8500' below the surface and over 2 1/2 feet long.......
What could a good Cajun chef make out of this....?
Sea-monster's in the deep-water. This isopod came up on the ROV from the
sea floor (approx. 8500') while setting the X-tree from the West Sirius
Wonder how they would taste in a soup or heck even some good Texas Chili?

Leave it to a Texan or Cajun to immediately think of how you would cook one of these suckers.




it is! - 2010-04-07
It is a Bathynomus Giganteus. The company I work for, took this photo. I have some more weird stuff I took snapshots of and some videos on YouTube if your interested.
by John I. Jones

Distant Cousin? - 2010-04-06
Looks like a distant cousin to the ancient Trilobite. But what do I know?
by Dave

- 2010-04-06
Here comes the men in black...
by Justin

Isopods - 2010-04-05
Isopods are related to pill bugs. The deep sea isopods grow huge.
by Ron Strybos

sea of ughy - 2010-04-05
its called an isopod... i guess. but still... EEEEEEEEEW!
by michelle

creepy offshore thang - 2010-04-05
my hubby thinks it might be in the horseshoe crab family...i am with you...tis a critter that i NEVER want to see!!!! he also says it may be in the tongue by ball species....needless to say.....THAT is even worse!!!
by jbrunelle666

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