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January 4th, 2012
America's Drunkest Cities

Let's talk about what makes one city drunker than another city: according to this new list from the Daily Beast, it comes down to the number of drinks people own up to having per month in surveys.

Which maybe explains why their drunkest city - Boston - was actually considered the country's soberest city on the Men's Health list earlier this year.

That list used data like drunk driving statistics, number of deaths from alcoholic liver disease, and "the severity of DUI penalties." So maybe people in Boston are just the most honest about how much they drink? Or they drink a lot, but walk home?

Anyway, the cities that can proudly call themselves the drunkest of the drunk this year include Boston, Springfield, Mass., Milwaukee, Reno, and San Antonio. Trend alert: people like to drink where it is cold, where it is touristy, and also in Texas. Below, the full list.

The Daily Beast's Drunkest US Cities of 2011

1. Boston
2. Springfield, Massachusetts
3. Milwaukee
4. Reno, Nevada
5. San Antonio
6. Chicago
7. Austin, Texas
8. St. Louis
9. San Diego
10. Tucson, Arizona
11. Burlington, Vermont
12. Charleston, South Carolina
13. Denver
14. Las Vegas
15. Ft. Meyers, Florida
16. Buffalo, New York
17. Sioux Falls, South Dakota
18. Lincoln, Nebraska
19. Seattle
20. Bismarck, North Dakota
21. Providence
22. San Francisco
23. Cleveland
24. Norfolk, Virginia
25. Houston




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