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December 14th, 2011
Taser Report du Jour

Three people rode their horses into several bars and a supermarket during a ten-hour journey that ended with one cowboy being tasered by police.

Officers used a stun gun to arrest Michael Miller, 44, when he allegedly became confrontational after being asked to dismount his horse.

Miller was detained at 10:30pm on Sunday, more than ten hours after he and two others - Kenneth Becker and Roxanne Lange - began their ride atop the nearby Emerald Mountain.  Becker and Lange were not arrested.

Following his release from the Routt County Jail on $750 bail, Miller told local newspaper the Steamboat Pilot: 'I had a great ride right up until the very end.'

The trio had descended on the town and rode their horses into a number of local bars.

Video footage shows an angry bartender confronting Lange as she rides her horse around the Old Town Pub.

He shouts: ''Get out of my restaurant.  Take your horse and go.  How did you fit a f*****horse through the door?''

The three riders then took their horses into a branch of Safeway where they approached the counter of an in-store Starbucks.

Again, they received a less-than-enthusiastic welcome from staff.

One onlooker, identified only as Jackson, told the Steamboat Pilot: 'I came out and saw three huge horses standing in front of our Starbucks counter, and one of the riders was trying to buy a bag of chips.

''These were three huge horses, not small horses.  I looked at the riders and I told them: ''You have got to go.  This violates every policy we have.''

Miller faces charges of harassment, disorderly conduct, obstructing a police officer and resisting arrest.




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