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December 13th, 2011
Lowe's was Only One of Sixty-five Companies That Removed Ads

As for the All-American Muslim campaign, FFA says that 65 companies pulled their commercials after its supporters sent thousands of emails, though it's Lowe's that generated controversy with its admission.

''We understand the program raised concerns, complaints or issues from multiple sides of the viewer spectrum, which we found after doing research of news articles and blogs covering the show,'' a Lowe's spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter on Friday.

FFA's problem with All-American Muslim stems from the work of a couple of conservative writers: Robert Spencer, author of The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran, and Pamela Geller, author of Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance.

''The main danger of All-American Muslim is that it's misleading,'' writes Geller in an article reprinted by FFA.  ''The Muslims portrayed in the show are free to choose their path.  That is the beauty of living in a free society.  But so many aren't. ...Who speaks for Jessica Mokdad, who lived not far from where this show is taping, in Dearborn, Michigan?  Mokdad was honor murdered by her stepfather, Rahim Alfetlawi, for 'not following Islam.' '' 

And Spencer writes: ''All that All-American Muslim gives us is a denunciation of 'Islamophobia' featuring Muslims who could never have conceivably inspired any suspicion of Islam in the first place.  The show is a bait-and-switch.''

On Monday, civil-rights entities and liberal politicians were denouncing the decision made by the giant home-improvement retailer, as were some celebrities.  Mia Farrow, Russell Simmons and Kal Penn, for example, are urging boycotts of Lowe's.

''I will sic evry civil rights agency on @lowes until they straighten this out,'' Simmons tweeted, while Farrow and Penn pointed followers to an online petition that denounces the retailer.




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