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December 13th, 2011
Arrest Them Becasuse They Have Money!

Members of Occupy Denver attempted to shut down a Wal-Mart distribution center yesterday.

Not many people showed up which made it difficult for them to accomplish their goal.

Also, this guy showed up with a flipcam and completely confounded them with tough questions like ''Why are you doing this?''

There are so many good interviews in this one clip.

You have to love the complete fail of pony tail guy who suggests Wal Mart executives be arrested but can't name a single reason for doing so.

We hope you enjoy the guy at the center of the clip most.... After realizing on camera that what he's doing is using force to get his way, he suddenly decides he doesn't want to be interviewed.

The really scary thing is that 20 years ago Barack Obama would have been out there with these folks.




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