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December 12th, 2011
Occupy Wall Street 101

With a dull inevitability and a scandalous absence of shame, New York University announced Thursday that next semester it will offer two for-credit classes on the subject of Occupy Wall Street.

The first, for undergraduates, will be entitled.

''Why Occupy Wall Street?  The History and Politics of Debt and Finance'' and taught by Lisa Duggan, a professor of social and cultural analysis, whose long list of  ''teaching interests'' is a veritable masterpiece of satire, including such gems as Gender and Cultural History, Social Theories of Citizenship, Critical Historiographies/Queer Historiographies, Constructions of Whiteness in the United States, Studying Sex, Studying Gender, and the indispensable Introduction to Lesbian/Gay Studies: Queer Critique.

The second course will be a ''graduate-level seminar'' about the demonstrations, which, with any luck, will investigate the movement deeply enough to inform its participants why they are there.

Keeping faith with the inchoate and shambolic nature of the Occupy movement, the courses will have a ''rotating focus.''

Look for an expanded focus on the new evils of government power in both offerings if a Republican wins the White House in November, 2012.

By offering a class in Occupy Wall Street, NYU----the most expensive college in the United States---is effectively guaranteeing that there will be a steady supply of graduates with enough free time to hang about in parks complaining that their education has failed them long into the future.  And better than that, it is training them how to do it.




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