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December 5th, 2011
Jesse Jackson Keeps Making No Sense

Jesse Jackson isn't a stranger to gaining attention for uttering bizarre comments and confusing platitudes. The reverend, who has also made two runs for the American presidency, served as President Bill Clinton's spiritual adviser, and made a name for himself as a human rights activist, is gaining attention for some very odd comments he made about Christmas.

On the Rainbow PUSH Saturday Morning Forum this weekend, Jackson decided to take on ''non-christian'' merchants who he says have tried--in the past--to ''lure'' people into ''Santa Claus' birthday party.'' Below, find the full text of his message (via Newsbusters)

This (Christmas) is a holy day for the poor, not a holiday for the merchants.  I once heard some people that I know say that when Christmas Eve is over, they have midnight services in the back of their shops.  These were non-Christian people I was, they say we, say every December 24th around midnight we have, we close our shops and we're not Christian but we start singing ''What a Friend We Have in Jesus.''  We use Jesus to lure you into Santa Claus's birthday party and unless you have the holiday spirit, which is his songs, his wine, and his stuff you're not welcome at the party of the man whose party it is.  This is, Christmas should be a poor people's holy day.




Jessie? - 2011-12-06
Sounds like Jessie is slipping into a little dementia or has been taking some medications!
by T. Ville

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