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September 23rd, 2011
Gentlemen, This is What She Wants

Five Things Scientifically Proven to Arouse Women . . . Including Scars, a Deep Voice, and a Moody Personality

They've done lots of scientific studies over the years to figure out what turns women on.  Here are the five big findings that'll make women uncontrollably drawn to you.  So get on it . . .

#1.)  A Deep Voice.  Deep voices aren't just signs of manliness, studies have also found they're more memorable.  And women are biologically attracted to men who stick in their memories.

#2.)  A Feminine Look.  Women look for LESS masculine men when they want to settle down.  Because there's a better chance those guys will stick around.  So full lips and gentle cheek bones beat a square jaw and big muscles.

#3.)  Wearing Red.  A study out of the University of Rochester found that men who wear red are perceived by women to be better looking and higher status.

#4.)  Moodiness.  In a study out of Canada, women were LEAST attracted to smiling, happy men.  They preferred everything else:  Guys who looked moody, proud, or powerful.

#5.)  Scars.  A man with a scar on his face is more attractive to a woman in the short-term, because he looks BRAVE or DARING.  Women look at men with scars on the face for one-night stands, though . . . not long-term relationships.   



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