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September 23rd, 2011
Ladies, This is What He Wants

Five Things Scientifically Proven to Arouse Men . . . Including Full Lips, Long Arms, and Not Being Funny

Here's a collection of five different studies that found different traits scientifically proven to turn men on.  Enjoy . . .

#1.)  Not Being Funny.  At least, don't be funnier than the guy.  Men want a woman with a sense of humor . . . but that means laughing at HIS jokes more than making your own.

#2.)  Full Lips.  A study in England found that when women wear lipstick, men look at their lips for an average of seven seconds . . . and spend less than two seconds on looking at their eyes and hair combined.  So, prominent lips attract men.

#3.)  Brown Hair.  A study by a social dating site called Badoo found that men overwhelmingly prefer brown and black hair to blonde hair.  (--We covered this study last month, here's a refresher.)

#4.)  Wearing Red.  When a woman wears red, it gets a guy's attention AND makes him start feeling a little juiced up sexually.  And that's all subconscious, so he's developing an attraction to you and doesn't realize it's happening.

#5.)  Long Arms.  In a study out of Sydney, women with long arms were perceived as more attractive than women with long legs.  In fact, no other trait corresponded to men rating women attractive as much as long arms. 



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