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September 21st, 2011
Taser Report du Jour !!with VIDEO!!

The stand-off began about 1am Monday (local time), when police were sent to arrest a suspect on the fourth floor of a Toronto apartment building.

When the police arrived, Daniel Wright, 42, climbed down from the balcony to the third floor to try and escape.

Negotiators were then sent in to try and persuade the man to give himself up.

CBC cameraman Tony Smyth heard the man swear at police and taunt them saying: "If you want to get me, you'll have to get me on the run."

After four hours of negotiation, police officers prepared to subdue the man from the balcony above where he was smoking a cigarette.

The footage clearly shows the Taser's laser sight on Wright's back before an officer pulls the trigger, sending electricity coursing through his body and almost causing him to fall over.

While the volts are still racing through his body, police in the apartment attempt to get closer to the man who backs off and then falls over the edge of the balcony to the concrete below (a 27FT drop).

Paramedics attended to the man instantly and he was rushed to hospital and is in a critical condition, CBC News reports.

The dramatic end to the stand-off has led some observers to question the police's tactics.

"Why'd they use the Taser? I don't understand, said John Sewell from the citizen group Toronto Police Accountability Coalition.

"Why didn't they continue to use negotiation and relax and bring him down?"

Toronto Police's Special Investigations Unit will examine the incident and the police response. 



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