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August 30th, 2011
Obama Admin Funnels Stimulus Funds in New Engines

I Do believe this means we own part of the bite me!!!
Let’s go fishing this weekend!!!
Seriously, if my tax $$ went to give these douche bags new engines for their yacht…I call it a fucking time-share and I want to reserve my spot g-d. 

RALEIGH — "Bite Me," a charter fishing boat based at the Hatteras Harbor Marina in Dare County, was one of 14 fishing boats on the North Carolina coast to receive thousands of dollars to replace their diesel engines under President Obama’s stimulus program.

The purpose of the funds, administered by the state’s Marine Diesel Equipment Repower program, was to improve air quality by reducing diesel emissions, though the boats operate in an area of the state not known for air-quality problems.

In addition to the colorfully named "Bite Me," also receiving funds for engine replacement under the 2009 stimulus program were "Harper’s Folly," "Endless Pursuit," "Net Results," "Hopeful," and nine other fishing vessels. (See chart below for all grant recipients.)

"Bite Me" owner Jay Kavanagh received $65,886 in public funds for a new diesel motor for the 51-foot charter boat based at the Hatteras Harbor Marina in Dare County. Kavanagh’s award amounted to one-half the cost of purchasing and installing a new Caterpillar 2009 model year motor. The new motor ran cleaner than the 2000 version that had powered his boat.

The largest Marine Diesel grant was $93,000 to replace the engine in Bald Eagle II, a commercial fishing vessel owned by the Fisherman’s Wharf Restaurant in Wanchese.

The Marine Diesel program required each grant recipient both to provide half the funds for the engine swaps and — like the multibillion-dollar “Cash for Clunkers” program that paid drivers to retire and then destroy used cars — to guarantee that the old engine was scrapped instead of being rebuilt or reused

Kavanagh told CJ he learned of the grant program from Curles. Curles said he knew many boat owners in the region and distributed about 200 grant applications to those he thought might need a new motor.


Go to the link to get the rest of the story and list of winners in the engine give away.
Carolina Journal




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