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September 2nd, 2011
Ever wonder, how did this happen right under our noses????

This agency was established by Jimmy Carter...maybe the reason to read this with the perspective of his political ideological motivations.


Its first stated objective is to "promote public service and the Federal Gov't as the employer of first choice"


(You get that?!?!? Not 'choice' ... but  'FIRST CHOICE' )

Also interesting, in sixty-two whole pages; there is only this paranthetical reference to what sorts of actual employment opportunities offered:


Now, Flip to page 26, Note that they reserve the right to refuse anyone for any reason. No equality of consideration/discrimination what-so-ever.

The application process is rittled with background checks, evaluations, assessments, re-assessments, interviews (online/in-person).

At any point, after any assessment, if you don't match w/ what they want, a Fellow can be disqualified on the basis of these points:


If there is any question you should ask yourself; it is this.

"There seems to be a lot of funding behind this agency.  Why do I and everyone else know nothing about it?"


Just saying...start looking for yourself.

Maybe see if you can join, let us know how that goes!



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