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August 25th, 2011
Kid Catches Shark from Kayak

A father and son went fishing in Texas over the weekend and got a bite, from a shark that was almost as big as their boat.They're okay.. And lucky for us, their camcorder was rolling.

A seven–foot black tip shark had snagged their bait. What's even more surprising is that they made the catch in a kayak just twelve feet long.

But Hunter, who loves watching sharks on TV, quickly embraced his close encounter.

And for an hour...he recorded his father's struggle to reel in the big fish as it dragged their kayak up and down the beach. The shark was eventually but loose.

A great catch and a great memory this father and son won't soon forget.



Shark_Momma - 2011-09-09
Thank you for the shirts and we will be getting you pictures if all of us in them. We love you guys and I thank you for caring about the fact that my son is living his dream with his dad. we have more video to come;)
by Christina Stevens

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