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August 18th, 2011
Obama is Going to Create Jobs!

Jobs Czar Sends Jobs to China

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters

July 27, 2011. Beijing.

Workers are celebrating in the streets and thanking America’s Jobs Czar for moving so many high-paying, high tech jobs to their communities today. The only problem is, they are Chinese workers throughout China. Jeff Immelt is not only President Obama’s Jobs Czar, he is also the CEO of General Electric. In addition to being the parent company all the NBC family of broadcasting networks, GE is also one of the largest military contractors in the US.

In 2008, GE CEO Jeff Immelt called China the company’s 'second home market'. Today, it might appear the Communist country led by a military dictatorship is General Electric’s new 'first home'.

In an announcement today, GE said it is moving the company’s headquarters in charge of X-Ray technology to China. In an effort to increase sales to the giant Asian nation, and cut costs in the process, the largest manufacturer of imaging machines in the world is closing its US headquarters after 115 years. Until now, GE’s X-ray business was headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

GE’s Waukesha headquarters currently employs 120 people in its X-ray division. While company spokespeople insist job losses in the US as a result of the move will be limited or non-existent, the company hasn’t yet released the number of new jobs it intends to create in Beijing instead of Wisconsin.




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