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August 5th, 2011
Apparently Obama Thinks this is All a Game

The other players eventually catch on when you bluff on every hand

Politico.com has Cantor’s comments:

The president has not run a business or created jobs and has proven himself ill-suited to put the economy back on track, the Virginia Republican said in a midday interview on the Wall Street Journal’s website with opinion columnist Peggy Noonan and editor James Freeman.

“I think, frankly, he’s in over his head as to what to do about this economy,” Cantor said.

At one point during negotiations on a deal to raise the debt ceiling, Cantor said that the president chose to play politics rather than working on the substance of the deal.

Obama seemed “agitated” by Republicans’ opposition to any measures that might be perceived as tax increases – something that the president wanted in a deal – and, at one point, said, “Eric, don’t call my bluff,” Cantor recalled.

Just a note to President Obama for the future: When you’re bluffing, don’t announce that you’re bluffing.

Apparently the guy is no better at playing poker than he is at playing president. 



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