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August 5th, 2011
The Supports Fall from the Hope and Change Platform


Well, as we can see, running the reelection campaign is clearly the highest priority, because he’s already had 37 fundraisers this year, but the point is that the most important number going into 2012 is going to be the unemployment number.

 And there is absolutely no prospect at the moment that would make us believe that unemployment number is going to be below nine percent.

 Now that is really the greatest fear for the White House. And of course Mitt Romney again and again is talking about the failure of the President to produce jobs, and he doesn’t have to tell us how he would have done it. He just has to point out to that failure.

 And when the President again and again talks about how, I mean, I went through and looked since 2009 how many times he has said, “Jobs priority number one,” “The sustained focus of this administration,” “The relentless focus of this administration,” “We’re pivoting to jobs.” Nobody believes it any more.




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