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August 5th, 2011
This Mayor May Run for Congress

The Mayor of a City in New Mexico is Being Sued Over Some Contracts . . . So He Admits He Was Drunk When He Signed Them


I'm conflicted here . . . on one hand you want to be thankful that a politician is being so honest and open.  On the other hand, this guy is an idiot.


Martin Resendiz is the mayor of Sunland Park, New Mexico, a community of 15,000 people near the Mexican border.


In May of 2008, just two months after he took office, he was trying to find a firm to design some new parking garages for the city.  He ended up signing about $1 MILLION worth of contracts to hire a firm called Synthesis-Plus, out of San Diego.


The contracts were never paid, and now Synthesis-Plus is suing the city over nonpayment.


And Resendiz offered up an AMAZING excuse.  He says the contracts were never valid since he never took them to be approved by the city council . . . because he signed them when he was HAMMERED DRUNK and didn't know what he was signing.


According to Resendiz, Synthesis-Plus execs were in Sunland Park and he was out all night drinking with them at an Italian restaurant called Ardovino's Crossing.  He was so drunk he had to call his sister to pick him up.  Then he signed the contracts.


Resendiz is planning to run for Congress.  He's the odds-on favorite Democratic nomination in his district to challenge the current incumbent, a Republican named Steve Pearce. 





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