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August 1st, 2011
A New Survey Finds the Top 20 Tricks Women Use to Feel Sexy

HERE'S your explanation next time you walk past a woman and it smells like she dumped an entire jug of cheap perfume on her body.  She's just tryin' to feel sexy, man.  She's just tryin' to feel sexy.

According to a new survey, putting on perfume is actually the NUMBER ONE trick women use to feel sexy.  It came in first on a list of 20 different tactics.  Check 'em out:

#1.)  Putting on their favorite perfume

#2.)  Flashing a big, happy smile

#3.)  Painting their nails

#4.)  Getting their hair colored or highlighted

#5.)  Spending hours straightening their hair


#7.)  Taking a long, hot bath

#8.)  Showing off their legs

#9.)  Wearing a push-up bra

#10.)  Getting a pedicure

#11.)  Putting on heavy eye makeup

#12.)  Exercising religiously

#13.)  Spending hours curling their hair

#14.)  Wearing red lipstick

#15.)  Wearing a tight-fitting top


#17.)  Fake tanning

#18.)  Wearing fake eyelashes

#19.)  Wearing a short skirt

#20.)  Putting on tons of jewelry

--The survey also found that the average woman spends 38 minutes preparing for a date . . . but just 10 minutes getting ready for work.  60% of women say that, at some point, a stranger has told them they look sexy.

--BUT . . . only 7% feel sexy on a daily basis. 



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