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July 28th, 2011
Taser Report du Jour

A Helena woman has been charged with multiple crimes after leading police on a car chase through Great Falls early Wednesday morning.

Theresa Marie Walker faces misdemeanor charges of failing to yield at a right-of-way to through traffic, misdemeanor assault, eluding a peace officer, resisting arrest, driving without valid insurance and reckless driving.

According to court documents, the chase started when Great Falls Police Officer Derek Mahlum was driving southbound in the 100 block of 52nd St. S. around 4 a.m. and noticed a parked vehicle on the west side of the street. As he got closer to the vehicle, the driver pulled in traffic and nearly struck Mahlum's vehicle, according to court documents.

The officer identified the vehicle as a 2002 Chevy Impala with Lewis and Clark County license plates.

Court records state that Mahlum activated his lights and sirens and began following the vehicle westbound on 3rd Avenue South.

The driver, later identified as Walker, failed to pull over and continued westbound at speeds of 40 miles per hour. When the driver reached the intersection of 38th Street and 3rd Avenue South, she failed to stop at the stop sign before heading south on 38th Street toward 10th Avenue South.

Once on 10th Avenue South, Walker allegedly continued westbound at a rate of about 55 mph until she reached the intersection of 34th Street and 10th Avenue South, where she pulled into a parking lot.

Officer Bill Klundt tried to make contact with the driver, but she pulled her vehicle behind his patrol car. Court records state that Klundt drew his gun and approached the vehicle, but the driver took off again, nearly hitting Klundt and his patrol car.

Officers continued following the driver as she traveled westbound toward Interstate 15, sometimes at a speed of 65 mph in 35 mph zones.

During the pursuit, police officers made contact with the Cascade County Sheriff's Office and asked deputies to deploy stop sticks in an attempt to stop the vehicle as it traveled southbound on I-15.

The female driver began to slow to a stop at approximately mile marker 274 on the Interstate.

Officer Mahlum got out of his vehicle with his gun drawn ordered Walker out of the vehicle, but she didn't respond, according to court documents. Officers the broke the driver's side window of her car physically removed Walker from the vehicle, reports state.

Walker struggled to get away while offices attempted to handcuff her, prompting Mahlum to use his Taser. Even after being Tased, Walker continued to struggle with the officers who tried to place her under arrest. Mahlum ended up using his Taser three times to get the woman under control, court records state.

Walker was taken to Benefis Health System's emergency room for evaluation, where records indicate she became combative. She was then taken to the Cascade County jail. 



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